Visual Appeal  -  Welcoming Feel  -  Ease of Use

Personalize: a custom office with strong recognition
Increasing Sales: clean presentation, considering sales psychological aspects
Functional: efficient layout and space planning with a natural flow
Proficiency: insight and presentation of your competency and quality

Planning & Design

Analysis of needs
Layout Development
3D Visualization
Technical Drawings
Interior Design
Lighting Plan



All in One

Website Development & Design
Logo Design

Industry Partners
Markus T


Our Goal - Your Benefits

An office represtening your proficiency

Every project starts with a detailed analysis of your needs. On the phone, a on-site visit or meeting at our office we will make sure to turn your vision to life. Together we develop your custom office with a strong recognition, an efficient layout, natural flow and a space planning considering sales psychological aspects.

Once the design process is finished with all technical specifications confirmed, your new furniture will be crafted in Germany. After a thorough quality control, the product gets shipped and installed.


All in One

Our All in One Service provides more than just a new office design. In a close collaboration with our Partners we cover a vast scope of your needs, from latest medical equipment, instruments and frame innovations, cutting edge Technology on new Machines as well as a professional Marketing Analysis and Support. With our Partners we are eager to develop a innovative and competent environment emphasizing your proficiency. Combining different features and aspects from every field we strive to bring your business to the next level. 




Unique Frames handmade in Germany

Following the age-old tradition of German engineering, a pair of glasses by MARKUS T is a quality product that is 100% Handmade in Germany. Aesthetic design, technical innovation and Creativity - Glasses by MARKUS T have been honoured with more than 30 national and international awards since 1999.