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Helen Rogic
Founder and President

Helen has been designing and completing Optical Stores and Optometry Offices since 2006.

One Interior LLC follows her mission for a complete custom approach- where each space reflects the individuality, vision and needs of its owner.  


Shelley S. Stevens, Designer- The Orion Collection

"I have worked with Helen on four individual interior design projects over the last three years. In this time, I have had the extreme pleasure of getting to know Helen personally as well as learn of her passion and technical capacity. ...Over the course of my long career, working with her was one of my greatest "one stop shopping" experiences. ..... I always knew she would design something that was extraordinary. My client said to me just last night as we are finishing the last installation of his flagship store, "Helen has been great to work with. I am so pleased with this store. Clients coming in since our opening have stood at the door, mesmerized at the transformation, and said 'Wow!' ". That is music to a designer's ears"

Peter Granoff, President, CEO - Ready Reading Glasses, Inc

"I've remodeled many stores in my 30+ year career, so I have a pretty good idea of how important a remodel can be and how much of a difference it can make. But Helen's talents have caused me to change what I thought I knew. She definitely has a different way at looking at a retail environment and a unique set of skills to bring her vision to life. ... The unique vision and skill set Helen possesses has been a godsend to my business, and would be of immeasurable value to any retailer struggling to stay relevant in an increasingly online world. Innovation is more crucial to success than ever. And Helen is able to deliver that in a greater degree than I thought possible."