Market Trend - Online Business. What is your value?

The rapidly growing online business started to become a serious competition and even a threat for Eyecare Professionals. Every optometry office and optical store will point out the main difference to their office vs. online shopping:

  1. In person service and care e.g. for adjustments
  2. The value of a professional Eye Exam
  3. The extensive consult to choose the right lenses
  4. Fashion and Styling advise in regards to a new frame

Basically it can be put in one category: Professional Service

The main threat from online shopping grows under the impression: "I can get it online. It is the same but cheaper". And yet it is no secret how many disappointed online-shopper will complain and finally come to your office. Still the online- business is a growing competition, showing the market trend and therefore demand.

So why is a Professional Service not enough?

Does your patient understand the value of your proficiency, your know-how and your expertise? How can a modern practice and optical add transparency to the work and service that is offered?

How can you improve the impression and impact after a patient's visit?

A modern Optical and Optometry Office needs to consider these structures, as the demands of the market dictate what the trends are.

An open and exposed space, where the offerings and your work are transparent to the patient. Understanding leads to appreciation.

An optical that represents fashion, style, variety and latest trends, where your patients want to come in to see what is new and shop around. 

A practice where your equipment is exposed to show your competency. High-End Testing instruments in a Testing Area with style and design that represent the value. Remote controlled Privacy Panels allow the patient an insight but provide the necessary privacy during the testing.

A clean and sleek Exam Room, where hidden features make your work space more comfortable in your routine but add to the patients impression.

Lens Education on a screen with preview to show the differences.

An exposed Lab with an optical or styling bar where patients can see the actual work around the frame and the lens. Newest Lab Equipment even runs quieter to support the exposed Lab concept.

A welcoming space, that ties all aspects together, where the full scope is presented but also explained will gain transparency, trust and appreciation of your professionalism. This is your value. 

Welcome to One Interior LLC

I have been designing and realizing Optical Stores and Optometry Offices in the past 10 years.  This year I have decided to start my own business with a focus on customized furniture and displays.  My goal is to develop together with you a fully custom-tailored environment that you can connect with, feel it is yours and makes your daily work more efficient!

I am very excited about this venture and want to thank everyone that has supported and  accompanied me in making this happen!