Design, style, shape and material of the displays and furniture are completely customizable. 

The product details below do not reflect our full range. Please contact us to receive our catalog and further information.



Create your individual Display. A magnetic set up allows flexibility in Design and Capacity. Frame holders, shelving, pictures, mirrors, logo holders and a cube to accentuate a special frame are all attached with magnets.

Change your frame presentation based on your displayed collection and needed capacity. 

Optional shadow free LED back light.



A sleek LED shelf with shadow free lighting. With its clean and pure shelving even rimless and filigree frames are visible and ideally presented.




Chic shelving - ideally lit to emphasize your frame presentation. No distraction from the frame: a sleek shelving, no visible fixations, clean and pure.

Hanging frame holders can double the displayed capacity and bring variety to the presentation. Stay flexible: Locking options for the entire display or just for a couple of selected frames can always be added and removed.



Eye catching: remote controlled colored LED shelving for showcases.




A Dispensing Table with an integrated LED surface that is remote controlled for the final frame presentation.